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Storm Risk Consultants cc, established in 2007 and based in Florida Johannesburg. Our success is directly attributed to the high level of service that we provide. In addition to the Security Guarding Services & Technical Services we are now able to offer Forensic Profiling. This venture into the world of forensic investigation and pre-employment testing came about as a direct result of Storm Risk Consultants determination to identify and employ only the very best caliber of people. Having identified some excellent tools and seeing the benefits of this cautious approach to recruitment, we decided to start an entity specializing in this field. We now offer services that meet the needs of business executives, private investigators, insurance fraud prevention specialists, banks & financial organizations, as well as the needs of individuals who wish to identify the truth with regard to private & commercial or non commercial matters.

About The Examiner..

The Examiner is an Associate member of the American Polygraph Association as well as the Polygraph Association of South Africa, Southern African Polygraph Federation and the Academy For Scientific Investigative Training.

The Examiner obtained his training from the Academy for Scientific Investigative Training of which the Director, Mr Nathan J Gordon, is considered to be one of the leading Polygraph Examiners and Lecturers in the world. Mr Gordon is also the Director of the Dolveda Society and President of the American Polygraph Association and is involved in the training of the FBI and other government officials in the USA. The Academy for Scientific Investigative Training is an accredited training school, recognized by the American Polygraph Association and the American Association of Police Polygraphs. The Examiner also obtained the Forensic Intervening and Integrated Technique with statement credibility and analysis. The Examiner completed a seminar in Advance Polygraph Testing ,countermeasure detection and validated scoring techniques and is attending every year a compulsory assessment on polygraph testing as to adhere to APA rules and regulations.

The Examiner passed the course which included subjects such as History of Polygraph, Test Question Construction, Polygraph Techniques, Physiology and the Polygraph, Psychological Aspects of the Polygraph, Law, Ethics, Research Report Writing, Quality Control, Test Data Analysis and Practical Examinations, with an average of 91% and is currently conducting Polygraph Examinations for various corporate and private clients.

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